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A Sculpture of a Homeless Jesus located in Rome, Italy. These can be found around the world and have been met with great (and varied) response. When our marketing director, Misha, was experiencing homelessness, she says she was comforted by the knowledge that Jesus had walked before. He'd slept in every shelter, eaten in every soup kitchen. She was never alone.

Benefits of Partnering

There are countless benefits to partnering with The Old Strathcona Street Mission.  You have the knowledge that your money puts missionaries Aaron and Dennis on the streets to serve our neighbors.  It equips them to form relationships with our vulnerable brothers and sisters and lead them to real life change. 

And....we love to see our financial partners in person.  You can come volunteer or do a prayer walk, and you will be able to meet the people whose lives are changed by your contribution. 

If you are a church, these benefits are multiplied by the number of people in your pews.  Everyone has the opportunity to experience the mission, and Aaron and Dennis love coming to visit or speak at their partner churches.  Don't miss out on this!!

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Aaron connected with friends, old and new, who call McKernan home and support the Mission.

McKernan Baptist Church Visit, November 26/23

One of our (favorite) partners, McKernan Baptist Church, recently invited Aaron and Dennis to be Missionaries of the Week this past Sunday.  When you become a Partner Church, you welcome us into your church family.  Enjoy visits from staff and volunteers, and Aaron is known to come up with a good sermon or two!  We look forward to connecting with YOU!
Dennis had the opportunity to share with many from the McKernan congregation.
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